Shared inbox

Communication with customers cannot be left hanging. Shared inboxes are a great way for the team to keep an eye on who's waiting for an answer.

Simple setup

You can start by just forwarding your current contact or support email address towards a custom address in our processing domain.

EU based

We aim to offer great but clear shared inbox for companies of all sizes in the EU.

Perfect for small and medium size teams in the EU

Morning.ST is aimed to help small and medium size businesses receive and respond to customers emails in a professional and timely manner. Sign up directly or contact us by email to discuss how we can help.


Simple and fair

Just like the user interface, we want to keep things simple and fair in the pricing. It needs not be too expensive for our customers, nor too close to the cost for us.

3 EUR / agent / month

A fixed tier to cover the base usage of infrastructure inherent to a SaaS. That said, you get a 15 days trial period, starting only when all is setup.

Contact Us

Interested but want some help to get setup ? Just drop us and email at the above address, it will land in our Morning.ST inbox and we will get back to you !


A product by Imfiny SAS.

A small team based in France and the Netherlands.